Class of 2024 Graduate Spotlight: Samuel Lo (Hong Kong)

Samuel Lo stands with his arms extended in front of an entrance to the P.E. Complex. Vincennes University is displaced over the



VINCENNES, Ind. - Yat Hei “Samuel” Lo, a driven and talented student from Hong Kong, has harbored the dream of pursuing film and broadcasting since his freshman year of high school. Leaving his home country behind, Samuel, as he prefers to be called, made the bold decision to attend Vincennes University, where he has truly embraced the opportunity to chase his dream.

As an intern for videography in the University's Office of External Relations, the Broadcasting major has honed and showcased his filming skills, capturing vibrant moments and important events on the Vincennes Campus. Samuel operated a camera as part of 澳门足球博彩官方网址's BlazerVision crew, which films the video displayed on the giant monitor above the basketball court in the P.E. Complex during home athletics contests. With a keen eye for storytelling, he also films, edits, and produces videos for Sports Buzz, which airs on the 澳门足球博彩官方网址 Broadcasting YouTube Channel and social media.

Samuel Lo wears a graduation cap and gown while holding a 澳门足球博彩官方网址 degree cover. A female student stands next to him. The students stand in front of a 澳门足球博彩官方网址 mural featuring Thomas Jefferson, William Henry Harrison, and the 澳门足球博彩官方网址 Seal plus Indiana and American flags.Beyond his studies and internship, Samuel is actively engaged in campus life, participating in intramural sports and even showcasing his talents in a campus talent show.

Drawn to 澳门足球博彩官方网址 by its reputation for providing opportunities for growth and learning, Samuel has thrived as a student, earning recognition on the Dean’s List. Looking ahead, Samuel plans to attend a four-year university to study Broadcasting or Film Studies, with the ultimate goal of becoming a film editor.

As a Trailblazer, Samuel embodies the spirit of exploration and determination, fearlessly pursuing his dreams in a new country. During his time at 澳门足球博彩官方网址, Samuel not only discovered his passion but also found a new sense of self, making him a true Trailblazer in every sense of the word.

Below, Samuel reflects on his 澳门足球博彩官方网址 experiences, shares his career aspirations, what makes him a Trailblazer, and more.

Tell us about yourself before you enrolled as a 澳门足球博彩官方网址 student.

“Before I enrolled as a 澳门足球博彩官方网址 student, I was living in Hong Kong, where I was raised. After graduating from high school, I was so lost and didn’t know what my next step would be. I tried to major in Design at the Vocational Training Council in Hong Kong for one semester. However, I found out that a Design major was not what I truly wanted to be. Remembering my passion for broadcasting and filming but since I hadn’t had the chance to learn about either of them, I decided to apply to 澳门足球博彩官方网址 after hearing about the school from a friend who graduated from here in 2016.”

Why did you choose 澳门足球博彩官方网址?

“I chose 澳门足球博彩官方网址 because I knew it would be a good start for my life in the U.S. and as the school says, the students are Trailblazers. I knew I would be given a lot of opportunities to learn inside the classroom, but also learn American culture from the new friends I’d meet.”

What do you want to pursue as a career and why?

“My dream job is film editor because I think it is cool to have the skill in making films, and to be able to work with a crew that has fun brainstorming ideas together.”

How would you describe your campus life?

“Being open minded to make friends has helped me to actively participate on campus. They always invite me to join different events or hang out around campus. With that, I became the International Club President in my last year here at 澳门足球博彩官方网址. It has allowed me to make more connections with people, and I like doing that because I am always curious about different people’s life stories. I was also a member of the team that became the Intramural Indoor Soccer Champions in 2022.”

What has been your best experience at 澳门足球博彩官方网址?

“I would say that working in the External Relations Department of 澳门足球博彩官方网址 for my internship. It allowed me to utilize my video editing and filming skills. I get so excited every time I am tasked to take on a new project. I was happy to have the opportunity to use my videos to market residence halls and promote career fairs. Also, I feel thankful for the good team I was able to work with during my internship.”

What makes you a Trailblazer?

“I became a Trailblazer when I decided to leave my home country and pursue my dream career as filmmaker. Studying here has granted me the opportunity to explore a new culture, but also a new me.”

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